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Vital Tones Hearing Recovery is a brainwave sound therapy app designed to improve ear and hearing disorders by stimulating the ear and auditory system. Hearing, also known as auditory perception or audition, is the remarkable ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations and changes in pressure through the surrounding medium over time, primarily using the ear as the organ of reception.

The auditory system encompasses the sensory organs, which are the ears, along with the auditory components of the sensory system. It plays a vital role in processing and interpreting sound signals.

Vital Tones Hearing Recovery offers three distinct sessions to address different aspects of auditory stimulation:

Session 1 will attempt to regenerate the middle and inner ear systems. If you are fully deaf we offer a flash light treatment to regenerate the ear systems through the eyes.

Session 2 targets to recover and boost the following hearing systems:

The vestibulocochlear nerve

The superior olivary complex

The inferior colliculi

Session 3 is next to session 2 more focused on neurological hearing disorders and stimulates:

The medial geniculate nucleus

The primary auditory cortex

The secondary auditory cortex

Session1 and 2 is 35 minutes and session 3 30 minutes, providing an immersive and comprehensive sound therapy experience.

Which sessions you need to use depend on what kind of hearing disorder you have.

To ensure customer satisfaction and transparency, we offer a complimentary trial session, allowing users to experience the benefits of Vital Tones before making a purchase decision for the full version.

It's important to note that while Vital Tones Hearing Recovery provides a unique approach to improving ear and hearing disorders, the effectiveness of these therapies has not been scientifically proven. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance regarding your specific condition.

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Vital Tones Hearing Recovery - MP3 Free

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