Vital Tones Self-Harm - MP3 Free

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Vital Tones Self-Harm - MP3 Free

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Vital Tones Self-Harm is a powerful brainwave therapy to reduce harming yourself.

Self-harm or self-injury is intentional behaviour that are considered harmful to yourself. This is most commonly regarded as direct injury of one's own skin tissues usually without a suicidal intention. Likewise, tissue damage from drug abuse or eating disorders is not considered self-harm because it is ordinarily an unintended side-effect.

Self harm also includes behaviours such as ending relationships for no reason, not feeding yourself properly, and in general not taking care of your own basic physical needs, or hygiene.

Although self-harm is by definition non-suicidal, it may still be life-threatening.

The desire to self-harm is a common symptom of some personality disorders. People with other mental disorders may also self-harm.

We recommend to use also our other treatments to help yourself further.

Vital Tones Self-Harm is 32 minutes long.

Trial is 4 minutes.

The Full Pro Audio version is available at:

The Free Android app version is available at:

The Full Pro Android App version is available at:

The Apple iOS app version is available at:

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