Vital Tones Tendon & Ligament Repair - MP3 Free

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Vital Tones Tendon & Ligament Repair - MP3 Free

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Vital Tones Tendon and Ligament Repair is a powerful brainwave sound treatment for joint aging and injuries.

Tendon and ligament are dense connective tissues connecting bone to muscle and bone to bone, respectively. Tendon and ligament tears or ruptures are injuries to the soft tissues that connect muscles and joints. Common symptoms of tendon and ligament tears are pain and swelling. You may also hear or feel a pop when you tear the tissue.

Most common types of tendon injuries are tendonitis and tendonosis. Common ligament injuries are knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist, hand and neck sprains.

Vital Tones Tendon and Ligament Repair consists of 7 sessions.

Session 1 (Feet) is 18 minutes.
Session 2 (Knee) is 18 minutes.
Session 3 (Hip) is 24 minutes.
Session 4 (Wrist & Hand) is 18 minutes.
Session 5 (Elbow) is 9 minutes.
Session 6 (Shoulder) is 24 minutes.
Session 7 (Neck) is 12 minutes.

The trial version consists of a short Feet session of 9 minutes.

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